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  • Nacho XL - Cool Dragon - Anna Cortina #ArtMeetsFashion
  • Nacho XL - Cool Dragon - Anna Cortina #ArtMeetsFashion
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Nacho XL - Cool Dragon

Hand-painted by:Philippe Boonen

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Anna Cortina and Philippe Boonen's Cool Dragon design encourages you to discover if you believe that we all have a benevolent and a malevolent side.

The symbolism of the dragon has a very different meaning in each culture, in large part, it is identified as a guardian, wise, and powerful god.

The concept of the dragon can be viewed positively or negatively, depending on the culture. In the East they are generally seen as benevolent beings, while in the West they are considered mostly malevolent.


Nacho Bag: High quality Spanish cow leather with split leather lining.


Nacho XL - Length: 49cm Height: 59cm Pochette: 24cm x 16cm Shoulder strap (max length): 129cm x 4cm


Skin: It is recommended to use a slightly damp uncoloured cotton cloth to remove dust, then dry it well with another dry cloth. It is recommended to moisturise the leather with special creams a couple of times a year. Fittings: It is recommended to use a special cloth for metal materials to avoid scratching the fittings.

About the Bag

The Nacho model is characterised as one of the first unisex bags by Anna Cortina. The special feature of this design is its casual, comfortable and capacious look. In addition, the leather adapts perfectly to the body and ages extraordinarily well.

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    Genuine leather bags, numbered, limited edition and handmade with the highest quality materials. Exquisite finishes and hand painted, one by one.
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