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  • Survival Bag - Cosmic Dog - Anna Cortina #ArtMeetsFashion
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Survival Bag - Cosmic Dog

Hand-painted by:Philippe Boonen

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Anna Cortina together with Philippe Boonen represent the design of Cosmic Bulldogs, which tells the story of these two endearing dogs that enter the universe of the cosmos, a closed system that contains energy and matter attached to space-time and that is fundamentally governed by causal principles, where physicists try to describe the space-time continuum in which these two adventurers find themselves, together with all the matter and energy existing in it. The question is, will they return from the cosmos to earth, or will they stay there to live? 


Survival Bag: High quality Spanish cowhide leather with smooth cowhide lining.


Survival Bag - Length: 19cm Height: 11cm Depth: 5cm Metal chain: 55cm Leather shoulder strap (max length): 122'5cm


Skin: It is recommended to use a slightly damp uncoloured cotton cloth to remove dust, then dry it well with another dry cloth. It is recommended to moisturise the leather with special creams a couple of times a year. Fittings: It is recommended to use a special cloth for metal materials to avoid scratching the fittings.

About the Bag

As its name suggests, it is a bag created for survival and designed for a woman who seeks to bring a dose of practicality and comfort to her daily life. Anna Cortina specially designed this bag so that it can be carried in different ways depending on the occasion. In addition, it was based on the Modern Movement inspired by Mies van der Rohe, under the concept Less is More.

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    Genuine leather bags, numbered, limited edition and handmade with the highest quality materials. Exquisite finishes and hand painted, one by one.
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