Appaloosa Bag, nacido en la naturaleza para llegar a la ciudad

Appaloosa Bag, born in the nature to reach the city

After a time of creation and reflection on various collections, Anna Cortina launches the design of a new model together with Mónica Cruz.

We live in a time when we seem to appreciate the details, the little things and above all those wonders that nature offers us. That is why the creation of this first piece is based on this premise, the return to nature, the organic.

Anna and Mónica have embarked on the creation of a capsule collection of various pieces that will gradually see the light of day, but for the moment they have left us speechless with this new creation.

Why this capsule collection with Mónica Cruz?

The two have been good friends for a long time, a friendship that has led them to know each other well, understand each other and share tastes and dreams. In an occasional meeting between them, the idea arose of capturing the energy they felt in a special collection full of emotions.
After the hard times we have lived through, it seems that what really gives us serenity and inner peace is breathing fresh air, getting away from the city and going into any landscape of mountains, groves and rivers. Nature makes us who we are and allows us to find ourselves. That is why they wanted to materialise this concept in some way, a way of carrying a bit of what is most natural to each of us with us. This is where the Appaloosa Bag came from.

Creation of the Appaloosa Bag

Monica and Anna had a very clear concept, the nature, the spirit of the most organic, to transfer it to a unique bag, together with the idea of being a versatile and useful piece for its use. For this reason, the starting point was that it should be a bag that owes its own shape to the fall of the leather.

"The idea of a sack-style bag allows the leather to take its own shape".

Anna Cortina


A hand-braided handle was added to the base of the bag, giving it presence, style and character. A way to take control, to dominate a wild situation. All of this is finished with leather straps in the same tone as the bag that allow it to be closed, to ensure its security.

The creation of the Appaloosa Bag would not have been complete without the versatile touch that gives this model the ability to be carried from morning to night. D-shaped hardware was incorporated into the sides of the bag, making the braided handle one of several ways to carry it. This model incorporates a 100% cotton shoulder strap so that it can be carried as a shoulder bag at different heights. All this gives the Appaloosa Bag both style and versatility.

The details on the inside make sure you don't lose sight of what's most important. This model incorporates two internal pockets of different sizes to store and protect what is most important to you.

Why is it called Appaloosa Bag?

For this piece with so much character it had to be given a name to match. Appaloosa Bag refers to an ancient Persian horse that is now almost extinct, but which today can be found in other parts of the world such as the United States, mixed with other breeds.

A horse that stood out for its skin in different shades of colour, but above all for its way of being; noble, versatile and strong. Characteristics that emanate from nature to be incorporated in the daily life of many people together with this unique model.

Get your Appaloosa Bag

The new Appaloosa Bag is now available in up to five different colours on the Anna Cortina #ArtMeetsFashion website. In addition, it is possible to customize it just like the rest of the pieces of the brand, you can give your personal touch with a drawing, letters or that little detail that makes the difference.

You can order your bag through this website or by contacting us on our Instagram profile @annacortinaoficial.


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