De Boer nos invita al torneo Conde de Godó

De Boer invites us to the Conde de Godó tournament

With De Boer Team: Mical De Boer, Monica Melero and Patricia Rodriguez

Friday 28th April, a radiant sunshine after the storm and drop in temperature of the two previous days... and with sunshine everything looks a different colour.

I was happy and together with our team to give a talk about fashion and present our brand at the Conde de Godo tournament, invited by De Boer @deboerespana, one of the main sponsors of the Conde de Godo tournament and one of the leading brands in the sector in temporary accommodation for special and exclusive events. Together with Mariona Planas @diariodeestilo also invited for the occasion where in a relaxed and friendly way we talked about fashion. In my opinion, a woman with a lot of talent and that I am lucky to know personally as well as following her professionally for many years.

It was a perfect morning, together with some familiar faces that make you feel wrapped up and the few or many nerves of the live show diminish considerably and new friends, presented by Patricia Rodriguez representative of De Boer Spain, and one of the best professionals I have met in recent times, Monica Melero sales and marketing manager and Mical De Boer general manager De Boer Spain, thanks for facilitating everything and give us the opportunity to present our latest collection with you.

Our Illustrator Garbikw, was doing a live performance, something that gave a lot of play to the customers who during the day passed by the tent to enjoy a relaxing time between set and set.

These were some of the moments we spent at the Godó during the presentation.

And some of the guests who accompanied us.

Thank you all, especially you Patricia and la meva Fàbregas!!! for this experience, for sharing, for supporting us, for accompanying us in this dream that little by little is becoming a wonderful reality.


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