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Philippe Boonen

New collection by Anna Cortina

A very special collaboration

A very special collaboration has arrived to our brand that I am very happy to share with you!

In this period of time we are making a dream come true, being able to acquire an Anna Cortina is much more than being accompanied by a complement, it is part of communicating a state of mind, a feeling, a unique moment for you through a work of art designed exclusively for that moment.

We have different artists who, within their personal world, give us many of those moments.

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Welcome to Philippe Boonen

Today is Philippe Boonen's day @philippeboonen for Anna Cortina @annacortinaoficial.

Philippe is an artist without filters, unique in his genre and impressive both on a creative and personal level. It is an absolute pleasure to be able to count on his creations and his talent enjoying a common work that is just beginning and that we are sure will have a long future.



More about the artist Philippe Boonen

Philippe Boonen was born in Brussels and moved to Provence with his parents at the age of 5. Since then he has never stopped painting, inspired by the Light of Aix en Provence and the artistic environment that emanates from there (Cézanne, Picasso, Van Gogh etc...). 


He is a very sociable person and curious about various creative fields, he studied drama for three years in Paris, where he was for five years leader, composer and singer of the rock band "The Famous Pop Band", while he continued to grow in his main field, painting. As if destiny had always pushed him into the world of fashion, he worked for more than two years designing accessories for the prestigious firm Chanel. Also for more scenographic and punctual projects, Andrés Sarda or Sonia Rykiel counted on his artistic talents.

Throughout his career, Philippe has illustrated for magazines and advertising. Since he was very young, he has always dedicated himself to painting murals in all kinds of places, private or public, alternating professionalism and more personal projects of pure wild instinct. Thanks to his high level of production and creativity, the artist is constantly renewing himself and always tries to be avant-garde. He finds it very boring to stagnate.

A chance meeting with one of the best stylists in Barcelona, Damien Ducorney, running the salon L'adresse @ladressebcn, made Anna Cortina and her team cross paths with him, a love affair.

Leaving the painter "a freedom that is hard to come by in this cold, crazy world".

It is difficult for a company not to kill the spontaneity of an artist. Anna Cortina understood this perfectly with me! said Philippe Boonen.



Urban animals:

Philippe grew up in a natural environment before letting himself be carried away by work and love of the city. "In the same way as painting frescoes of landscapes in the city.

Drawing urban animals on bags is a message to the world not to forget where we come from.

We can hide behind as sophisticated a look as we want, but we are still animals," says Philippe Boonen, amused by his mission.

The artist's wife and muse is from the city and does not intend to change it, so for his own balance Philippe decides, in all modesty, to bring, with his art, the countryside to the city.

A great variety of animals is this proposal so that you can choose the one that most corresponds to you, both in type and style, from the rock monkey to the elegant giraffe, passing through the anarchist chick or the casual tiger?

This way you can go for a walk in our urban jungle and talk about it with your friends to convince them to buy one. There is no fighting issue because everyone finds the urban animal that suits them best.

Go with your instincts while keeping what always matters to us, elegance and style!

Enter our website and choose yours!


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