Nueva colección Time for Art

New Time for Art collection

Everything in the universe is constantly changing. The world is a macrosystem in perpetual change. Change is movement and time.

After 12 months of pandemic, Anna Cortina presents a new collection of bags, Time for Art, in which the designer reinterprets with her usual witty sense of humour, today's emblematic figures in the world of art, culture, science..., represented by humanised animals, taking them out of their usual context to transfer them to our reality, all of them with a message to be taken into account.

For the first time, Anna Cortina gives the absolute protagonism of the new collection to two of her models: the 'Tote bag' and the 'Lulu bag', turning them into a canvas to express and highlight -always with a touch of humour and large doses of sensitivity- the kind face and the more critical face of the present, of what is happening and how it affects us.

Among the hand-illustrated imagery in the new artistic bag models of the Time for Art collection, we find the Monalisa represented on a white horse, the 'Horsalisa', transferred to the present day with a pop image and a pro-art attitude in complicated times for culture in general, with the message 'Time for Art'. Nelson Mandela with a message that values resilience, the struggle for individual rights and freedom, 'A winner is a dreamer who never gives up'. Albert Einstein in his most everyday version, sharing a metro carriage with a very activist Frida Kahlo, parking first at the Art stop, one step away from the Science stop. Gandhi encouraging us to look within ourselves to balance our soul by listening to the intelligence of our heart with the message 'RESET'. The Girl with the Pearl by the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer, painted between 1665 and 1667, stepping out of his comfort zone and fleeing from labels by choosing his passion, imagination and creativity as his only guide.

The personalised bags in the new Time for Art collection combine two disciplines that represent the firm's DNA, art and fashion, under the #artsmeetfashion concept, with a commitment to craftsmanship in the making and 'Made in Spain' in the manufacturing.

Time for Art is for the designer one of her most artistic collections with a clear objective, to transmit an ultra-positive message with a particular energy, starting from the most contentious side of our daily lives. An original, fun, inspiring and iconic collection full of messages that make us grow, make us hope and empower us.

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